How to get a TEFL certificate in Kolkata

How to get a TEFL certificate in Kolkata

TEFL or Teaching English as a Foreign Language is a suggested source for English teachers who want to help people learn English. This curse is specially designed for the teachers who would be teaching non-native English speakers.

If you’re passionate about teaching and English is your subject of interest, then this course is perfect to train you as a language instructor in different institutes. At the same time, a trained teacher can make the students comfortable and teach them without much difficulty.

Now, the TEFL course in Kolkata is also available in different teacher training institutes. According to your career plan, you can choose a course in this field.

Points to Remember:
  • A TEFL course is designed to train a teacher for non-native speakers. If you plan to teach in any such place, then only this course is most suitable.
  • It’s important to know the trainer’s qualifications and experience before enrolling in a TEFL certification program. Also, know if the certificate is authorized and affiliated with an official board or University.
  • There is a know admission test to enroll for a TEFL course in general. However, your minimum passing marks would be checked during admission.
What are the benefits of the TEFL Course?
  1. In any institute, a native TEFL-trained teacher can help the students to understand English grammar quickly. During the training, the aspiring teachers get a chance to teach in a mock classroom and gradually improve their teaching style.
  2. This course authenticates an individual as an efficient English teacher for non-native speakers. So, there’s a perk in the job profile of the teacher as well.
  3. This course has a flexible duration so while doing any other job, this certification course can be completed.
Course fee:
Course duration:

Value Of Certificate

  • The certificates we provide to you are accredited by reputed and recognized by international bodies
  • The certificates are notarized from Canada
  • The certificates contain emblems of the logos of not only APTTI but International TEFL Canada also as we are a sister concern of it
  • All the courses are endorsed by international academic bodies and approved and validated as well
  • You receive the certificates within 30-90 days after you finish the course for they are dispatched right after the course
  • No need to worry about "online" or "distance course" mentioned on the certificate for there are not any
  • Indian learners do not have to pay any shipping charge for receiving the certificate at their address