TEFL Training at Bangalore

TEFL Training at Bangalore


An intriguing and immersive learning environment can be found in Bangalore  for TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) course. It offers students with the theoretical framework and practical skills necessary to teach English internationally. Methodologies, lesson planning, and classroom management strategies are all covered in the course. Learning TEFL becomes a delightful experience due to Bangalore's rich cultural environment and reputation for academic excellence. The course usually consists of hands-on teaching practise. Participants are instructed by highly qualified and experienced instructors, who ensure that they develop effective English teaching skills. After earning their certification, TEFL students in Bangalore can look into a variety of teaching positions within the country as well as abroad.

About the Course

The three-week, 120 hours TEFL course in Bangalore is an ESL teaching programme. The course of study focuses on assisting you acquire the skills you'll need to succeed effectively as an international language teacher. The course provides light on modern techniques that make teaching a fascinating career. The 120 hours of classroom instruction will show you the pathway to a successful future. You will develop extensive phonetic and grammatical knowledge, which will enhance your teaching abilities for EFL students. The course also teaches you on how to manage the classroom, which is an essential component of teaching. By applying techniques for classroom management, you can maintain situations in a classroom relaxed and conducive to learning.

Course fee: Rs. 45,000 (+GST), USD 900
Course duration: 120 hours
Date: 10th July, 2023
Eligibility: 10+2 is the minimum entry requirement. Proficient English writers and speakers can apply for the course.

Payment can be made online through various portals like UPI, NEFT, IMPS or through credit or debit cards.

Value Of Certificate

  • The certificates we provide to you are accredited by reputed and recognized by international bodies
  • The certificates are notarized from Canada
  • The certificates contain emblems of the logos of not only APTTI but International TEFL Canada also as we are a sister concern of it
  • All the courses are endorsed by international academic bodies and approved and validated as well
  • You receive the certificates within 30-90 days after you finish the course for they are dispatched right after the course
  • No need to worry about "online" or "distance course" mentioned on the certificate for there are not any
  • Indian learners do not have to pay any shipping charge for receiving the certificate at their address