Teacher Training Institute At Chandigarh

Teacher Training Courses At Chandigarh

Chandigarh is a union territory of India. The place even serves as a joint capital of two states namely Haryana and Punjab. There is the Capitol Complex, Legislative Assembly, Giant Open hand Monument, etc. People can visit these places. The city is known for its cleanliness and greenery. There are various temples in Chandigarh, which is worth visiting. The word ‘Chandigarh’ itself means the "stronghold of Goddess Chandi" The city is beautifully planned with some great architectural structures.

The main goal of the course

The candidates from Mani Majra, KhudaAlisher, Daria, etc. who aspires to be a teacher can get their training from the institute in Chandigarh. Many candidates want to be teachers but are confused about what to do next. Without any confusion, the candidate can get admitted in the institute. The institute does the all-around development in teacher training.

Each course has a team of specialized faculties. The candidates are trained through special activities in the classroom. The candidates also get a choice to attend online classes if their residence is far from the institute.

Courses offered

A variety of courses is offered by the institute. This includes some of the common teacher-training courses like the nursery, Montessori, pre-primary and primary courses on teacher training. The candidates can also opt for some different courses like early childhood care and education. This will help the candidates to understand what activities are needed to be done to improve the cognitive skills of children at a small age.

The education imbibed in small age lasts longer. Therefore, such courses for the future teachers are very important. Other courses like dance teacher training and student counselling training are also given by the institute.

The candidates who want to pursue their teaching career abroad can take up TEFL/ESL/TESOL courses. These courses will help the teaching of the candidate get acclaimed globally. The candidates from the distant area can also stay in the accommodation provided by the institute with nominal additional charges.

All the courses have different degrees and time duration for completion. The candidates can choose which suits perfectly for them. A certificate after the completion of the course successfully is given to the candidates.

Value Of Certificate

  • The certificates we provide to you are accredited by reputed and recognized by international bodies
  • The certificates are notarized from Canada
  • The certificates contain emblems of the logos of not only APTTI but International TEFL Canada also as we are a sister concern of it
  • All the courses are endorsed by international academic bodies and approved and validated as well
  • You receive the certificates within 30-90 days after you finish the course for they are dispatched right after the course
  • No need to worry about "online" or "distance course" mentioned on the certificate for there are not any
  • Indian learners do not have to pay any shipping charge for receiving the certificate at their address